Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shiny Disco Leggings

You guys all rock. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

I promise to respond to each and every one of your fabulous comments in the next few days
(this week has been full of preparing for a job interview I had today, an application to go on a funded course in Melbourne, form filling out, and nerves...phew! And its only Wednesday)

I think I've mentioned previously my affinity for any, and all in complete honesty, shiny/liquid/sparkly/sequinned/wet look leggings. I'll take them all. So I was delighted to find this pair at Sportsgirl (oh when will you guys reward me for my obsessive lingering and purchasing of your products, hmm?). I recognise an addiction, but what can I say...atleast its not drugs ;)

Worn to dinner with a friend from my high school in Kenya. It was fantastic catching up, almost like a re-discovery of a good story that you read all over again. I haven't seen her since we were both 16, so its been a while. We re-told old stories over a bottle of vino and it was the good ol' days all over again.

Note to self: facebook overseas friends more often (I'm horrible at utilising social networking sites, I tell you)





On a side note, I ordered a pair of leather biker boots off of ASOS on Wednesday and they were at my doorstep yesterday. Woah. Thats efficiency. They alerted me to dispatch on Thursday and were here by Monday. Service with a smile. And I love the boots; comfy, sexy and the perfect 'flat' badass, its good!

Have a lovely weekend folks :)

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Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-your top is fabulous, looking gorgeous my dear!

Eda said...

That snake bracelet looks awesome!

mareeka said...

wow i love your shirt! SG do some rad clothes, btw your blog is wonderful, i think you and stompface must be the most well dressed girls in perth. xox

closeup said...

Great outfit! those leggings fit you so well! I'm looking forward to see an outfit post with the boots =D

Anika said...

Thanks Sharon-Rose, I should have taken a pic of the back...there's a huge cross dead centre. Love it :)

Eda, I loved that bracelet. Loved? Yes, running to catch a train the very same night, it must have falled off (damn cuffs!). Boo!

Thanks Mareeka, I'm very flattered :D

Closeup, will do my best to show them off soon ;)

The Queen of Hearts said...

I love your: leggings, hair, SNAKE BRACELET awesomeness...etc...

Maverick said...

I love the leggings. I have a similar pair, they're so fab aren't they?

I love the bracelets/cuffs, too!

xx. mavi

Delmy said...

ur accessories rock

Delmy said...

btw I just linked you.
I thought I had you already.

Now me! lol

Bella said...

Can't wait to see those badass biker boots... and whoa, the spike are seriously calling my name! I have a bag full of them just waiting for DIY home. lol-xxx

You look awesome, per usual babe!

Couture Carrie said...

Hey Anika!!

Loooooove your leggings and your spiky bracelet too - you look fab!

Happy Easter, darling :)


♥ Fashion CHALET said...

You look so 70's with a modern twist cool :) LOVE the tunic too. xx

Marcella said...

Sounds like you've had a whirlwind week! Hope everything went well for you :)

Question: How on earth do you keep your hair so gorgeous? Not a hair out of place, especially that fab blunt fringe of yours!

Yay for wet look leggings, I'd take anything wet look actually to be honest lol.

As for the Siren shoes, they were just one of the colour variations available I think!

ryder said...

i would love to see high heels with this combination. and this boots without leggings.

Yuka said...

for sure! once im done with them, i will sell them to you! lol

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your ring.

Trisch xo

Anika said...

Thanks, the Queen of Hearts!

Maverick, tell me about easy to wear too :)

Delmy, linked you back.

Bella, ta my gorgeous girlie....will have to stomp around in the boots and take some snaps, heh.

Anika said...

Marcella, I just wash/get out of the shower and comb my wet hair out (I know, its bad for your hair, but it works), straighten my fringe. If its particularly windy/humid/stormy, I'll use hair spray on my fringe and RPM 'My Vitaliser' (a leave in moisturiser) which keeps my hair pretty straight for the day.