Thursday, April 2, 2009


Heh. One of my favourite words of the English language.

Since today, when I received an email from ASOS about the dispatching of my leather biker boots.
Yes, I know I said I was on a shoe ban.....but I really wanted a pair of leather biker boots.
(And these are perfect, and only 25 pounds too. Even with the weak Aussie dollar and exorbitant shipping costs, the boots cost me less than half of the ones at Sportsgirl.)


A little while ago, a few friends of ours called Stuart and me up and asked if we wanted to go to a new-ish theme bar for a few drinks. The bar is one of those hole-in-the-wall type venues, has a kitsch "hell" theme running rampant throughout and is something else. By the time we found it (after driving around for about half an hour!), I was ready to just screw the whole plan and go home. And then we parked in the street and realised we were a few steps away from it.

Kitsch is probably an understatement. There was a lava mountain in the middle of the dance floor, volumptuous red devils all over the place, stalactites and stalagmites throughout and even a real kitsch tv screen with lewd/devilish stuff. Lol. I swear you'd have to be pretty pissed to actually have a great time.

It was alright, but whoa the kitsch factor was overkill! Haha....we took some pictures just because and then left (we were there for a total of 30 mins, it was too much for us lol).

sitting beside the dancefloor. lava stone seats? check.


hello, sexy lady

lava mountain in the midst of the dancefloor. uh huh.

course they have cages!


the ghoul at the entrance. and the scaly monster with red eyes, too ;)

one of the red devils

make friends with the bouncers, they always say.

dress, dotti. cape, vintage. bangles, assorted.


Sharon Rose said...

Wow, how awesome, those are great pictures!! I'm really loving your dress, its gorgeous my dear-the zip detail is fab!

Couture Carrie said...

Woo hoo for the boots dispatch and these pics! So fun! You and your friends look fab!


DaisyChain said...

Ohh these photos have such gorgeous colours in them,

Delmy said...

There's nothing wrong with getting something you REALLY WANT. :-)
Enjoy them!

Kay said...

Woahh it looks insane!
Ahh how I love Asos

Yuka said...

did you end up getting the shoes?? lol dont worry, i have done the same. waking up at all hours of the night to bid on something. ahahah

the worst is when you wake up and check and the price is already too high and u dont even want it anymore.

KATLIN said...

Yeah, so those boots are pretty fabulous!! I've been looking for a good deal on under the knee biker boots with multiple straps... I might just have to get me a pair, too! And for $30something!!! Good deal!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hello, my pretty Australian friend, guess what came in my mailbox today ???

Sparkly, shiny goodies!! Thank you. You're so very sweet to think of me and to send those items my way. LOVE IT, and your generosity!! =]


Eden said...

that is one rockin' bar! ironic how its themed "hell" though-- bars are already kind of leaders in that way, but we still love them. sounds like a good place to party!

much love


Maverick said...

Sounds (and looks!) like fun :) I, too, want a pair of leather biker boots...

xx. mavi

Victoria C said...

looks like fuN! those shoes are totally gorgeous too xx

Dooder City said...

you look so cute! I want a close up photo of those bracelets:)

syd vicious said...

That place looks so cool, haha! And score on the boots! I'm glad you decided to buy the sequin jacket too. :)

Anika said...

Thanks Sharon Rose. Only problem with a full length zip is how wierdly it sits. Forgot about that when I bought this dress!

Haha, Delmy, amen to the evil urger-on ;)

Kay, can you believe this is the first thing I've ordered from ASOS (strong English pound and weak Australian doller)!

Yuka, nope, I completely forgot. When I checked the next day, they had sold for wayyyy too much. So glad I didn't wake up. Lol.

Katlin, do it. How good are the boots!!

Syd Vicious, decided to buy them. Now hopefully they'll still have ny size on Monday :)

Anika said...

thanks for the comments, folks :D

Breeahna said...

Geezus frking christ! Decorating with that much ugly shit is not cheap! doesnt exactly scream 'recession proof' does it?