Thursday, April 23, 2009

Comic Relief

Thought I'd share some comedic shots, as I've been swamped and haven't had a chance to google things/discover any new brands/upload new pics/etc. Plus my computer is dieing a slow painful death....any suggestions as to what I should get? I use it for the absolute basics, no gaming, I might watch dvds from time to time, store a crapload of photos on it and am a die-hard pc fan.

these are from a group outing to deville's pad:







dress, ???. cape, flower. ring, sportsgirl. chains, diva. shoes, gift. eyeball and skeleton, dregs in our cocktails.


Wanderlusting said...

haha CUTE! Yet dangerous lol. I love love love your shoes, they are freaking awesome!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Darling, I love those necklaces :) you're so ah-dorable!!

btw, I've been wanting to wear your super cute leggings, but it's 98º grossness outside.. but when it's cooler I will break them out, pinky swear. Oh and I plan on wearing the pretty necklace in a blog post soon! :)


I Like Stuff said...

Haha, what fun! Sometimes party shots are the best, as long as they're also humorous and not "I'm-trying-sooo-hard-to-smile-with-my-eyes-like-Tyra-taught-me"... you know what I mean?

Sorry, I try and inject America's Next Top Model references into nearly every daily conversation.

Amy-Jo Tatum/Bride Chic said...

Really awesome

Dooder City said...

I want to make that skeleton into a necklace heehehe. I love your necklace!!! wow. You look so hot.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

love the chains and shoes. looks like so much fun! as for computers, i hear macs are pretty reliable, though I love my sony vaio xo

syd vicious said...

Aww your pictures are so cute! Looove the outfit and chains. :)

Lala Orange said...

I enjoy that chain necklace lots!

HEK said...

Love your outfit! The shoes are amazing:)

Eden said...

anika luv,

another rocking outfit! you never fail to inspire. now i'm like tempted to buy up all the faux gold chain that i can and DIY that gorgeousness on your neck. so fantastic!

much love


Marian said...

these are fun shots. looks like fun! yummy necklaces.
muah x

Anika said...

Thanks Wanderlusting, I loves them too :)

Ahh Erika, lol at the worries, I know what its like when its so hot and all you can think of wearing is light, cool, nothings!

I Like Stuff, ANTM references = always good. Lol at the 'Tyra eyes' ;)

Thanks for the comments folks :)

Rosanna said...

i LOVE your shoes!!!!!

FashionJunkie said...

cool outfit
check and comment and add/follow
p.s cool blog

The Seeker said...

Looks you had a lot of fun LOL

Those chains are great


D said...

those SHOES!

fashionista housewife said...

Hi there,

Nice blog!:)
would you like to exchange links?


tuvish said...

hi anika:))) loveeeeeeeee yourshoes.....
how can I find and buy these shoes!!!if you could help me that would be great!!!

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