Saturday, April 11, 2009

Minty Meets Munt

Minty Meets Munt is a fabulous Australian chain store that is bang on trend but affordable at the same time, and that has kept me pleasantly waiting with baited breath for new stock and collections for the past couple of seasons. I adore their apparel, and am eagerly awaiting the online shop which is currently "under construction".

I've seen select pieces at Live, but want to be able to buy it off the site!
(patience is a virtue, I know)

More specifically, I have been eyeing (in the latest Shop Till You Drop) the identi-Balmain skinny leather pants. Mmmmm. Now of course it would just be too easy to find a picture of aforementioned pants on the internet, so I'll have to scan the Shop Till You Drop at work on Tuesday and edit this post to include them. Delicious pants.

Not as much as the leather skinnies I got from Sportsgirl (seriously effin' incredible) that smell divine. Does anyone else reallly like the smell of leather? Yum.

Anyway, the Autumn 09 collection at Minty Meets Munt includes the following pieces, and I have to say I'm particularly enamoured by the tartan skirt, the black chain tee, the drop crotch pants and the sheer ruffle blouse. And of course, those leather pants....






Try and ignore the pretty average styling (and 'back' in each pic, heh)....I assure you, its the clothes that will keep you keen. Currently also coveting from Minty: a navy military inspired blazer, funky leather skirt, rock punk tee.

I also want to thank the fabulous Eden from Chic In The Tropics for this wonderful award:

Its always a pleasure to be recognised for doing something you love, and I'm especially thankful for this award because Chic In The Tropics is a recently discovered treasure trove of fashionable folk, fantastic fashion inspiration and other general gems. Check her blog out!

In true blogger tradition, I would also like to pass the award on to a few new blogs I've discovered that are entertaining and inspirational:

Phamzy of Carefully Killing Understatement Fashion (love this girl's fashion sense and DIYs!)
Marcella of Fashion Distraction (she of fabuloud dress sense and even better shoes)
A.N.E of Accessory of Crime (they both have incredible, edgy dress sense and their blog is a delight!)

You girls rock!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-well done on the award and love your post too! have a great weekend my dear!

liana said...

love that tartan skirt.
also like your blog :)

Eda said...

Those leather pants look awesome! I understand what you are saying about the leather's smell...I have a very sensitive sense of smell, so I usually find fragrances in daily things, like clothes and books...

Eri said...

Good picks , love all of those looks!!

Enep said...

they're great!


Maverick Malone said...

I love these!! Great feature :)

xox, mavi

Kay said...

I love it! The name is pretty cool as well

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks, I think I ate too many chocolatey things today though.. lol.. But all was good and thankfully even the weather cooperated (it 'twas supposed to rain and luckily didn't!)

How was your day??


Dooder City said...

These are some really cool clothes. Congrats!

yiqin; said...

I like your blog too :D The skirt is great!

Petra said...

I like the sound (and look) of the store! Hopefully the new online store will ship to NZ..?

Hope you're having a wonderful Easter!


xs said...

congrats on the shout outs! i would totally wear those drop crotches.

Leather Pant said...

nice post love reading it.

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