Monday, April 27, 2009

Teppanyaki Tales

Went out to dinner on Friday night in lieu of Frenchie's birthday.

Teppanyaki, which is where dishes are cooked using a teppan (iron plate) at the centre of your table. Our chef had a fabulous sense of humour and was witty too. He was pretty handy with juggling cutlery and food around ;)

I've heard tales of teppanyaki chefs who have pretty cool tricks up their sleeves, for example one in New York who at the end of the meal had a flaming "thank you" emblazoned on the teppan. We got a flaming onion birthday cake for Frenchie, and yeah we were impressed.






I hope everyone has a fabulous week; by the time you read this, I will be on a flight. I will be awol from the blogosphere for a week as I'll be in Melbourne on a course (and yes, I will spend the weekend shopping my heart away :)

See you guys in a week!

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Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Wishing you well in Melbourne my dear! Your meal looked lovely and the outfit is gorgeous!

Bella said...

You're so rock-chic! Love it.

Have an amazing time, shop you heart out, and then make us all crazy jealous with your incredible finds! xxxx

The Seeker said...

OMG I just love x 3 your shoes!!!
You rock girl!!!

Hope you'll have a great time in Melbourne.


Wanderlusting said...

Oh wow - YUM! The shoes, your food is yummy too :)

Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

you look so chic in the grey/black outfit! and we have restaurants like that here! they're so fun. it sounds like you guys had a great night!

Dooder City said...

You look amazing. I love your shoes and your purse! You look like a rock star's girlfriend....or even the rockstar!

Summer said...

Looks yummy..And you look great on your outfit.And that shoes is so adorable..;D

Solo said...

Your shoes are amazing..;D

Eden said...

the shrimp looks sooo fantastic. hahaha. i always LOVE it when bloggers talk about what and where they ate--its so unorthodox but it works!

and as always, your outfit frikking rocks again. i think i do want to live vicariously through you. you always have the most badass of clothes!

much love


Sweet Things said...

u look hot!

eveline fashion-diary said...

you definately rock it!!!
wow... you look so damn hot.
i love absolutely everything about this outfit from heels to jacket.
just amazing..

take care :)

ryder said...

i should be focused on style but im so focused on fooooood!!!

Sam said...

Oh, I love teppanyaki! It really looks delicious. And you look so pretty. I'm so so jealous of your hair. It looks so pretty, curly and healthy (my hair is pretty dead). I wish my hair was like that again. Maybe some day. But you also look amazing for the rest ^^

Anonymous said...

i like your outfit!

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xo.... sarah

phamzy said...

food porn makes me hungry. huh.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

You look wicked! Love your tank and shoes! Dinner looks delish mm. Have fun in Melbourne! xx

KATLIN said...

To me, teppanyaki tastes the same everywhere I go. Haha. But I'm no connoisseur of Japanese food even though I am Japanese. It's really bad because people assume I know what they're talking about and I really don't. Haha. Like today this lady at work was telling me what she made for dinner (miso soup) and what she put in it -- she said Japanese words and I was like, "huh???" I felt dumb!

May Kasahara said...


Vintage Tea said...

Your outfit is gorgeous! Love the shoes and the leggings!

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Marcella said...

Oh the Waigner heels!! They look awesome on you. Makes me wish I'd got the black ones lol. Your outfit is fabulous, I really love how I recognise all the brands you wear :)

Mmmm and those prawns look good!

DaisyChain said...

I love your outfit,
and that place seems like such fun!

mat said...

damn, those shoes are killer! & your pics make me so hungry! ah.

The Seeker said...

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Please check it.


Anika said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, folks!

Deanna, uber flattered haha ;)

Eden, I actually worry that my clothes are too punk-rock sometimes. I tried to focus on a feminine, and cute, LBD by Alice McCall in a shop in Melb but still picked the feather stole...ahh, well, I love it so I might as well :)

Eveline, thanks heaps and welcome to the blog.

Katlin, I'm not going to judge...I'm bad too...but on a side note...I LOVE miso soup. Yum! :D

The Seeker, thank you so chuffed!

j e j e said...

Hi ) I love your outfit especially your shoes :)

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