Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's so hard to have a gaytime on your own.

So the lyrics go for a Streets Golden Gaytime ice cream advert coming out to the Australian public through the magical waves of the tv box.

This song has to be the ear worm of them all.
And I LOVE it. Lol, there's nothing quite like a catchy tune and a double entendre all in one ;)

Watch for the magic (and insane giggling sure to follow :)

In other news (spoken in the voice of a business news reporter on some dreary channel...),
here's one I prepared earlier



  • I'm still eyeing the sequin bomber jacket and leather biker boots from Sportsgirl. Waiting for them to go on sale, so I can justify spending that money on both....drooool.
  • I did however buy a grey dress/tunic and silver space-esque leggings from Sportsgirl that I love. They look great together as well (outfit to come). Sportsgirl seriously need to consider doing VIP cards for people like me!
  • I bought this pair of feather false eyelashes off of ebay. Lol, can't wait for them to arrive...I've been OBSESSED over feather eyelashes for too long. I will wear them to the damn grocery store if I have to ;) In fact, I'm still searching for a turquoise coloured pair..

    • tee and ring, sportsgirl. leggings, cotton on. wrap thing and bag, vintage. leather gauntlet, goth shop. leather boots, shoobiz.


      Couture Carrie said...

      You look amazing, A! Loving that wrap!


      Sharon Rose said...

      Hi there-your wrap is fab and really makes the outfit!!

      The Seeker said...

      Oh dear you always have the greatest accessories.

      Looking amazing.


      ♥ fashion chalet said...

      Yes go longgg! Then when we meet up someday we can have rock star hair flips in our photo shoots together!! :]

      Love the blue shawl/tunic top on you, dear. SUPER excited for the pressie... hahha, yay!! :]

      Twitter will suck you in haha, add me once you're in. xx

      Alice X said...

      i love your wrap. it's really lovely.


      Marcella said...

      Awesome draping and colour palette! And not to sound like your evil side, but BUY BUY those sportgirl items... you never know when they might sell out of your size!

      Oh, and yes I own way too many pairs of siren shoes...

      Eden said...

      hi anika!

      thanks for dropping by my blog. i must say that i absolutely want your wrap!! can i have it?! hehehe... no srsly, i'm going to the beach for a week and i totally need to find sheer and sexy bikini wraps like that here. that said, i love how you made it work with your outfit!

      much love


      p.s. added you up to my roll as well.:)

      stilettostetico said...

      Mmmmh "Silver Space-esques leggings" . . . It truly sounds as an other (AND so futuristic) "Sexy stylish promise" !!!!

      à Bientôt, Antoine

      Anonymous said...

      your bracelet is so awesome! loveeee it

      Anika said...

      Thanks CC, love how multifunctional it is....scarf/wrap/shrug/top :)

      Aww, shucks thanks Seeker.

      Lol Erika, I seriously cannot be arsed to grow it (can I just get a waist-length version, and preferably one that looks like yours?) ;)

      Noooo Marcella. Doooon't! Haha, I know what you're saying though. I'm not interested in the boots anymore, I got a pair off the ASOS site for less than half the price. Real leather too! (The sequin jacket though....hmmmm!)

      Lol at the Siren shoe thing. I don't even WANT to count how many pairs I have. Eeek.

      Eden, this will probably be too warm though. Good luck with finding one though :)

      Dooder City said...

      i love the t-shirt with the wrap.

      Yuka said...

      oh we have so many thrift stores here. you will love it!

      i like your cardigan and bracelet btw!

      Twobreadsplease said...

      I love your leggings! Thank you for the skirt offer but I think it's too big for me too :( (I've yet to put shoes on ebay, sorry for being slow!) xx

      phamzy said...

      thank your for the comment. sorry for my late reply. i got the blue jacket from liz claiborne.

      ohmygod, you have a very unique sheer jacket. i love your whole outfit!


      Anika said...

      Thanks, twobreadsplease :)

      And phamzy, loooove that jacket. You rock it well m'lady. Sexy look!

      syd vicious said...

      You look so chic! A sequin bomber jacket and biker boots sound amazinggg.