Saturday, August 1, 2009

are you tired of routine....

Thanks for your advice on the pair of leggings in the last post....I re-thought it out and have decided that whilst I still think the Ellery PVC leggings are the 'bees knees', I probably wouldn't have got much use out of them.
So I decided to focus my attention on something!

I've been trying to hunt down the Siren knock-offs of the mesh sandals by Stella McCartney with no luck, but in my search found a suitable alternative knock-off (also by Siren): the Balmain crystal embellished studded sandals.

The real deal...

the knock-off: Siren Cunning shoes....

I've saved myself just over $2,000, the heel on the Siren knock-offs is KILLER, and these shoes are different from anything else I own. Is anyone else sick and tired of the standard black leather platform shoes (with minor variations aplenty)???!! I am. I'm focusing on coloured heels, wedges, oh and the odd crystal embellished shoe or two ;)

If you too want to experience the joy that is the Siren Cunning shoes, check out Sassi Parella (click on link to be directed to the shoes). You can buy now or pre-order, depending on what size you're after.

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend....I'm off to a friend's birthday party.



Elizabeth Marie said...

We are so alike...obsess over something and then on to the NEXT! Those shoes are hot...I dig anything Balmain/Balenciaga/Stella without the price tag haha.

Have fun at your friends bday love! XO

dapper kid said...

Yum, yum and yum. Yay for finding an alternative!! Zara do a pretty similar pair too, although they never seem to have them in stock anymore lol. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend :)

Valentine said...

Those are.. as Tyra would call them.. FIERCE. Love the pointy heel on it too but I would never be able to walk in those.. not without spraining myself or stabbing someone on the foot. hehe.. xx


Clarity said...

I would like to say something articulate here, those rrrrock. They remind of a favourite old belt and overfilled jewellery boxes. Nice choice and savings. Action shot soon please with la snood.

By the way, isn't it time I added you on follow? ciao sweet.

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

Those shoes are hot!!!!


Anika said...

@dapper kid, thanks for the hot tip re Zara....can you believe we don't have Zara in Australia?!?!! I actually heard about these knock-offs a while ago and groaned once again at missing out on the 'Zara magic'

ana b. said...

Siren does amazing designer copies!!! I love them. I managed to score myself some Siren knockoffs of the Stella McCartney platforms. I love them so.

Sadie said...

Hey I saw them at Zara (France)! Cheap alternative... I lOve them but I guess that I'm too tall to wear that kind of shoes.
Btw, you have a nice blog.

princess politico said...

ack! these are fantastic shoes. you can't slip these on without thinking about painting the town red.

love 'em!