Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A is for Abazias

A few weeks back, one of Stuart’s best friends got married. It was a wonderful ceremony, and afterwards we stood around discussing how everyone we knew was either getting engaged or getting married and what kind of ceremonies we wanted for our weddings (fulfilling that stereotype of girls fantasizing about their wedding). Stuart and I were at our local shopping centre a few days later with my younger sister when she walked into a jewellery store that was having a massive sale.

“Ah look, Stuart, maybe you should just buy a ring now…..you could get a decent one for $300 at this price” I stated.

My sister and Stuart looked stunned.

Stuart countered that offer with, “I was planning to spend a lot more on a ring, woman”, and my sister shook her head and stated that whilst this shop did nice jewellery, you needed a ‘special’ wedding ring that stood the test of time.

It got me thinking…..she’s correct you know. If I have to wear that one ring for the rest of my life I want something elegant and beautiful, something that I can look at always and admire, and definitely something that represents the commitment.

I have to admit that the above coupled with Stuart and me talking about when we’d get married led to more investigation into the matter. I’ll further cement that stereotype (and that’s saying something, considering how non-girly I am) and admit that I want a gorgeous diamond ring.

(source: poppingbubbles)

Enter Abazias Diamonds. Diamonds……drool. Yes when I was a little girl, I imagined a big diamond ring on my finger when I got married. I haven’t thought about it in a long while (20 years, give or take) but now prompted to do so, I would love a classic solitaire-set white gold diamond ring. Fussy? No, I don’t think so; I just know what I like. And I love that Abazias specializes in letting you design your ring. Yes, you can customise your engagement ring. Yes, there’s a vast range of diamonds and settings to fit your price. Yes, they are reasonably priced (hey, I was joking when I said $300!!). More importantly, for the not-so-knowledgeable (read: me :) there’s valuable information on how to pick that special ring.

(source: abazias)

Final yes? The fact that they also sell some pretty awesome watches. I don’t know if you guys know, but I am a certified watch aficionado. Reasonable oversized men’s watches? I’m sold.

love this watch…..on sale too for $55.00!
(source: abazias)


Wanderlusting said...

I actually DON'T want a diamond ring. My pet peeve is girls who measure love by diamonds - everytime I see my engaged friends ooh and aah over their rings, it's like some sick contest about whose man "loves them more" because they have the most money.

My boyfriend is about as broke as I am. I told him A) the ring can not be over $1000 and B) I would rather not have a diamond, just some other stone, to avoid questions like "oooh how many carrats"

Ugh. Sorry, like I said pet peeve. My bf's friend is $6000 in the hole now because she picked out the priciest ring (to compete with her sister) and now they can't afford to do anything. I say, get a pretty but cheap ring and use the rest of the money to travel! Or put a down payment on a house, lol.

End rant :P

PS love that new header of yours!

Clarity said...

Dear Anika,

Get married! I think that it is fine to know what you like and what you want and - now Stuart has the menu in front of him just in case.

I personally would prefer a ruby surrounded by a few little diamonds as that is my favourite stone. Would I be invited to your wedding? ;)

Valentine said...

Ha.. I dont want a diamond ring, actually.. I dont even know why.. I love watches too! Something simple.. or sporty.. with a big clock face.. yes.. hehe..



Stompface said...

yeah i've never been interested in the classic big diamond ring.

but I found one online the other day that I fell in love with, handmade with a grey diamond, rose cut, so rough looking but so beautiful, and I love the grey shade, which makes it so unique.

I showed ash a hundred times so he knows what I like now, hahha.

ohhh marriage. lets alll get marriaged!

Hope you are well deary dear.


thesydneygirl said...

how cool that you can design your ring like that!!!!


and it's not exactly about the money but how it looks and that you will love it forever. why not have something pretty on your finger like a shiny gorgeous ring!!! =)


Marcella said...

Would I be jumping the gun if I wished you guys congratulations now?:-p This is why I love following your blog, Anika, once in a while you write about a mature topic that I actually find relevant! So refreshing after seeing one too many blogs run by a schoolkid lol. The boyfriend and I pretty much have an unspoken assumption that we'll get married one day, but seeing as we're both only just finishing off our uni careers, getting married wouldn't really be the wisest of moves. At least financially!

Hope you're well babe! Do post more deets if you come up with anything. Can you imagine the mammoth task of finding shoes for the wedding?!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I miss you!!!! XOXO

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-a great review of their website my dear and the watch is a fab bargain too!

Anika said...

Yep, with you guys. I have never actually wanted a diamond ring. I'd actually want something simple but that held some meaning to the two of us. That's what would make it perfect.
And Wanderlusting, hear you about the diamond ring b&tches! What is up with that??!!?
Stompface, show me the pic of the ring!! Lol@showing it to Ash all the time ;)
p.s. I'm crashing your wedding if you don't invite me. Heh.

miriam said...

mmm, diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Anonymous said...

so did they send you anything for doing this post?
you should show us

Caramell said...

Finally home and finally blogging ;D
I even don't think about my wedding- I'm sure to joung, but if I were to choose it would be silver or white gold, without "special effects" (;

PH said...

One of my good girlfriends has the best diamond ring story--she and her longtime boyfriend were living together out of state. He made up some story about having to be gone for work all night, and he drove all the way to Kansas, where both our folks still live, to ask her parents for her hand. They gave him an old family heirloom, a ring that had been handed down forever, and he gave it to her later that summer on a bicycle trip to Ireland. She was sooo happy. :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous rings, darling! Makes me want to get engaged real bad (now just need to find perfect man!).


P.S. I can totally see you rocking a cape, lovely Anika!

daisychain said...

I am drooling over the ring.

xtinagirl said...

Ughhh crazy weeks and no downtime for the weekend! I can't wait until the next few weeks are over. It's driving me insane with all the papers I have to write! :)

Love your blog! I was wondering if you wanted to swap links?


Shin said...

Mmm...I have mixed feelings about this. Of course, for my wedding, I want a ring that looks beautiful but I'm not too fussy about being too expensive because what matters is the love that will stand the test of time. I agree with Wanderlusting in that that money should be better spent on practical things :-) xxoxoxoxo

CHICMUSE said...




I LOVE diamonds. To the point where it's sick and psychotic .

p.s Your comment really made my day. Thank you so so much for your dear comment. I love sincere comments.

Style Porn said...

Haha, I love men's watches too. And I admit I may have gone on to the De Beers website and designed my engagement ring...and this was back when I didn't even have a boyfriend. So I guess the stereotypes are true, LOL!

One thing I want to be sure I do though is to get a ring made from conflict-free diamonds. I know some bad stuff goes on with the mining of diamonds in third world countries, and I wouldn't want to play into that in any way shape or form!