Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sinuous ensnaring bewitchment

I've talked about Pauline of In My Body's House before.

Her writing is haunting, gripping you in a vice. Sentences are not classically structured, and it gives the words even more depth and description. Pauline's writing is unlike any other and I have to be honest and admit here that nothing gets me more excited than the realisation that another post is up.

An excerpt from this girl's gorgeous writing (post titled 'meteors'):

"We spread the blanket on the wet grass and lie down.

The meteors shooting through the sky,
through the branches of the wet trees moving in the wind. He
sings to me.


I close my eyes.

"-tell me what it's like," I say.

and he puts his hand over my eyes, he pulls me against him.

"its like a snow globe," he says. I can feel him smile,
his teeth against my neck.

We laid there. The stars faded into the dawn. Dew on our faces.
The meteors, faint in the sky.
They were like lines traced into water, but I would remember where they were written."

Tell me you don't feel it, that the writing doesn't take hold of you and wrap its sinuous limbs around you, ensnaring you to its structure and prose and content, capturing you in a bewitching spell.

Go check out In My Body's House. Pauline is beautiful. Her work? Even more so.

In other news, I am ill once again. I'm beginning to worry about my immune system. I seem to have caught the majority of the onslaught of colds and flus that have bypassed us this winter. Still, it's a cold and nothing more. Just annoying is all. So instead of digging up outfit shots, I decided to share with you a picture I took a little while back. It's of Hillarys Boat Harbour and inspires serenity every time I look at it.

Hope it inspires you too.



Sweety P said...

That was a beautiful piece of writing!

Jill Pilgrim said...

Wow, that was gorgoues! Thanks for sharing. :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous writing and photo!

Hope you are having a fab week, Anika!


P.S. I looooove those YSLs too!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-wishing you a speedy recovery my dear, take care!!

PH said...

wow, Anika, I don't know why you are so good to me! :) Thanks, sweet thing. When I went to your page, I actually blushed, heh.

I'm sorry you're sick again--when I start feeling crummy I eat tons of clementines. Mostly because I like clementines :p

Feel better soon. xxxxx!

Clarity said...

Dear girl, I get one, now you.

I adore the picture and hope you feel better soon. One thing that lifted me was carrying loads of kitchen herbs: rosemary to oregano, dunk them all in boiling water, add honey, drink at least 6 cups a day, warm it up if cooled. XXX. Then again, if you're allergic, avoid.

Adela said...

nice picture!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh wow...that is amazing. I wish I could write like that.

honey! sick again!? I wish there was something I could do! Sending you lots of love and hugs and chicken soup.


Putri Erdisa said...

great writing dear! ;)

please visit back anyway.

thesydneygirl said...

aww hope you feel better
anika! oh how nice!!! i
like your new header ;)
my week is going great
lovely. mwaaaa

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

wow, what an amazing peice of writing! thanks so much for sharing it! off to her blog now...

KATLIN said...

so sweet, i want some to say that to me!! :) feel better, love!

Bella said...

Definitely will have to check her out... but in the mean time, I'm wishing I could crawl inside this photo and just fall asleep. Beautiful.

Sick again! Hope you're feeling better soon... sending a cyber bouquet of flowers to brighten your day. xxx

Meg and Komie said...

Great writing, you are right you so feel every emotion and description she gives. She puts you in the moment. Hope you feel better soon...xo