Sunday, August 23, 2009

District 9


sheer tank, supre. jeans, lee supatube. boots, DIY rubi. cardigan, kirrily johnston. necklace, gift from holland. rings, gift and vintage.

This weekend I did some kickboxing, nearly bought a gorgeous silk studded cape by Natasha in Leederville (but refrained), had fish and chips for lunch, window shopped, wore my gorgeous slouchy cardigan by Kirrily Johnston all weekend, planned to shred jeans, worked out the route for our Europe trip with Stuart, and decided to watch District 9.

We'd heard good things about the movie, and decided to give this sci-fi flick a go. I have to admit that we were expecting your run-of-the-mill sci-fi flick, and therefore were very pleasantly surprised at the brilliance of it all. The movie is done documentary-style and is based on Alive in Joburg, a 2005 short film directed by Neill Blomkamp that centres on the same subject matter. District 9 subverts the alien genre, stripping the aliens of all mystery and showing them living in a squalid slum within Jo'burg. The hand held camera work looks stylish, not cheap as in so many other films, and the movie's comments on immigration, capitalism, greed, power as well as its analogies to the events that occured during the apartheid system enforced by the South African government between 1948 and 1994 are done so goddamn well.

Read the synopsis here, and then go and see this movie. It's brilliance lies in the fact that it is set in South Africa, has no well-known actors playing the cliched sci-fi good guys, and that it is set up and splayed out perfectly in documentary form. Stuart and I agreed that it is probably the best film we've seen to date in 2009 (only Gran Torino compares). The special effects are brilliant, the aliens completely believable. It's only that much more special because Sharlto Copley's acting is brilliant, it does not preach the morals that are achieved by the close of the film, and because the story-telling is magnificent and aimed at an intelligent audience. I'll bet the folks at Halo are regretting letting Blomkamp go as director for Halo*. Bloody brilliant movie.

Anika's review: 4 1/2 catfood tins/5
Stuart's review: 4 1/2 catfood tins/5

*So the story goes, Peter Jackson approached Blomkamp to direct Halo. Blomkamp wanted to focus on the relationship between the aliens and the humans in the movie but this idea was no-no'ed. So Blomkamp resigned as director, and him and Peter Jackson decided to do District 9 instead.


Zhcsyra hp said...

oowwhh soo grunge look,.je'adore.,

Stompface said...

whoa that cardigan is beyond incredible.
I want I want.

so I've quit drinking for a month, and am 7 days in! haha. its surprisingly easy I think i was drinking a bit toooo much before.

although last night I had a dream I got really really drunk and broke my detox, and when I woke up I sort of felt like doing it, also i was married to Beck in my dream, and I was at a gig of his and I kept saying to everyone 'YEAH THATS RIGHT HES MY HUSBAND' and feeling important, ahha dreamland such a wild place.

How is life going for you little lady?


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-a fabulous outfit, I adore the long cardi, it will work with anything!! Having a good time in the holidays, just chilling really and housework, LOL! Wishing you a good week ahead!

Denise said...

i love that cardigan. It's so long, looks so cool.

can't wait for district 9 to be shown here.

modediktat said...

hey girl,
i have lost of sight of your blog - glad to have found it again! wow... amazing HUUUUGE world of blogosphere. i'm adding you to my blog roll today so this won't happen again!
how are you??

love your cardigan very much, it looks so comfortable and stylish!

district 9 will start here by middle of september - and i can't wait for it! thanks for sharing your view.

so you'll going for a trip through europe? where will you go to?? yeah, i'm curious, i know... will you visit london? paris? berlin? rome?

again, glad to have found you again!! :-D

happy sunday to you!!!
xoxo sofie

Eden said...

me love, you are looking so stunning! love the cardigan and love the ease of the outfit.

coincidentally my radio station is sponsoring a special advanced screening of district 9 for our listeners this tuesday- and based from your review, i can't wait to see it!

take care sweetie!

much love


Couture Carrie said...

That cardi is fantastic! The lining is exquisite!

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, darling Anika!



Hello there! It's really nice to meet you!!! I'm so smiley over your compliments about my art! How sweet! And by the way, I really like your blog name. Out of the ordinary, and unique.

Sweety P said...

Love your outfit! Have a wonderful week!

Stephanie Kim said...

catfood tins HAHAHHA i just reviewed this movie last week on my blog as well :D

Pinky said...

The Boy and I saw D9 on Monday and we were also extremely surprised. It was something new and different, but it was a bit heavy for me. The intricate comparison between the cruelty of "civilized" men and "savage" men was brilliant, but I left the theater hating humanity and thinking how disgusting and greedy politicians, and other powerful people are. Not a good feeling on a Monday night, lol.

Elizabeth Marie said...

LOVE that cardigan!!! I want looks so cozy and still fabulous.

I really want to see District first I thought, well that is definitely not my thing haha but so many people are saying how great it is, and I trust your opinion my darrrrling! Happy happy sunday! I want fish and chips now. :)

Shin said...

That cardigan is so cool! I want one like that! My boyfriend was just asking me to go see it with him but I I regretted it..Oh, well! xxoxoxxo

thesydneygirl said...

wow! kickboxing?! you go girl! and i love your kirrily johnston long cardi. looks like you REALLY enjoyed the movie! that's great :) mwa

ANN said...

Haha I've heard so many good things about District 9 it's crazy. I just saw it recently also & I agree with everything you said :)

Dooder City said...

i kind of want to see boyfriend kinda talked about it but i said let's go to it! we are going this week.

you look so hot in your long sweater:)

Alanna said...

love this look!

Alanna said...

love this look!

Panda said...

Great outfit as always :] I am totally in love with sheer tees and vests at the moment, but i don't even have any! *gasp*

I basically just used up, like, all the money on my debit card, so i have to wait for my top up in september now!

Oh, and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, i really appreciate it.

Panda xx

battered couture said...

hey you. back from london. kinda sad but managing. thank you for the flick tip. Will watch indeed. Hope all is well with you.

stilettostetico said...

Mmmmh Actually your self-confessed kickboxing skills adorn you cape on such a smashing "Super Heroin" aura, full of punchy/crushing GLAM !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Marie-Louise said...

your necklace is really unique- i love things that look one of a kind. :)

Caroline Robianto said...

you know.. i almost puked while i was watching district 9. dear lord O_O

Bella said...

Cat food tins, that's too funny! But of course, now I'm definitely intrigued, and very curious concerning the silk studded cape.

As for this amaaazzzing cardi that let's be honest, belongs in my closet... I'd be living in too! You look so gorgeous, but uhhh… I might have to steal the necklace.



so cool!
love the big lenght of this cool coat!
Thanks so much for your sweet message!
I do love it!

kisses and hugs,
see you!

Jill Pilgrim said...

You are too cute. Seriously, your cuteness is making me feel bad about myself. Be less cute next time.

syd vicious said...

I love your necklace and that movie looks so interesting!

Miri said...

I adore your necklace! Very nice =)

Solo said...

Your necklace, love it. ;D

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Dani said...

great GREAT cardigan!!

i know what you mean about being too lazy to DIY... sometimes i'd rather just pay the $30 extra and buy it! i'm so bad.

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

This is surely a gorgeous cardigan! What a find!


Anonymous said...

So great jeans!

janettaylor said...

Please give me that necklace Honey Anika! LOL!


Clarity said...

Anika! I have heard lots about this and I'm trying to subdue my expectactions vis a vis hype so I can enjoy it fully.

You have good taste as Gran Torino is one of the few other films I want to see. I also recommend another on my to-view list "Moon" with Sam Rockwell, if it ever gets a release there. I dig the cat food tin points - funny :) God willing, one day you'll give one my films a five out five.

BTW - I like the look - the cardi's lovely.

Anika said...

thank you all so much for the lovely comments. I promise to visit your blogs very soon :)

Sean Weatherby said...

D-9 definitely has a lot going for it -- character development, great acting a at least a few people, awesome alien weapons; it felt a bit preachy at times at different times though

PH said...

That is a fantastic, fantastic cardi. I bet heads turned like a sea! :)