Saturday, March 14, 2009

Designers for Payless

I am officially jealous of you Americans.

Payless in the States is a whole lot cooler than our Aussie Payless.....I wait for the day that we have the same/similar designer collaborations that are easier on the pocket, and that give us a small taste of a designer's aesthetic.

What am I talking about?

The Limited Edition Fall 09 Designer Collections.
I came across the paylessontherunway site, and knew I'd hit gold!

I mean, look at some of the shoes that will be on offer and that you can buy online....


Abaete for Payless


Another Abaete pair, and this one has me salivating (I think I'm in love!)


Alice + Olivia for Payless

I have to admit that I wasn't too taken with the last collection for Payless but these strappy boots are incredible.


Christian Siriano for Payless; another pair that I covet...spikes, studs, chains....ooh baby!


Loving the coloured soles, but not too sure about the gaps at the sides of the'd probably need to try these on in store prior to committing to them...still, love.


Absolutely loving the colour, the dangling studs, the cut of the shoe....

Mmmmmmm :)
(Again, damn you lucky Americans!)

I have to admit that I'm willing to beg someone from the States to purchase a pair or two for me and ship them over here (Payless don't offer international shipping...I know, WHAT?!?!)

Any offers, please pretty please?
What about a fee for me, I can definitely deal with that :)


Stardust and Sequins said...

I'm excited for spiky Payless features :-)


Lisa said...

these are C R A ZZZ Y COOL.

who knew?
i remember buying payless when i was little.
and they fell apart after a few wears!
they have come so far.

those buckle boots are pure bliss.

have a awesome weekend girl.



Elizabeth said...

omgsh those are amazing! i cant believe payless is offering them wow

DaisyChain said...

I am so jealous of the Americans too! Our payless is really...rubbish.

Couture Carrie said...

So excited for Siriano!! Hope they don't tone down the spikes!

Have a fab weekend, A!


The Seeker said...

And I'm so jealous of you all... I don't even have a Payless...

Well, but those are insanely cool and I love them!!!

Thank you so much for your comment, hope you're having a great weekend too.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Did you get mail, gorgeous??

Thanks for dropping by and leaving me with many glorious and pretty comments. Love ya, darling! =]


Stompface said...

oh I know, I was looking at these the other day when I saw some wild shoes on someone elses blog, I was confused it's like payless???? really??

ahh damn no international shipping :(


Anika said...

Tell me about it, Daisy Chain, grrr! Haha.

Dooder City said...

who would have guess payless would make those shoes.

phamzy said...

thank you for the sweet comment in my blog. i hope you had a wonderful weekend!

btw, i added you to my blogroll. i hope you will do the same. thank you!

Fashionology said...

No H&M in Australia!!!! thats bad!

I love these shoes! the first ones are my favorites!! Love your blog as well! <3

Thanx for your comment!

Bella said...

Pretty much plan on stalking payless until I score all of these!


A.n.E said...

yes talk about us being famished from all these great affordable labels in this pari of the globe!!
h&m topshop payless ..i can go on....

Slanelle said...

woaw the shoes with spikes are craaaazy !!!

vogued out!!! said...

all are such great shoes. I love the 2nd pair with the chains on them.

Bella Mama said...

I can look them up for you. Do you have a top budget?
You could thank me with one of those sick bracelets you have;)
Email me our shoe size in case I see them and I'm feeling rich.