Sunday, March 22, 2009

Purple Suede Shoes

I don't know if you remember me harping on and ON about a Wayne Cooper pair of shoes, purple suede and platformed, a little while ago (I didn't get them because of the self-imposed shoe ban)? Well, Stuart is such a sweetheart and bought them for me. Hey, I didn't say other people couldn't buy me shoes :)

There was a bit of a fiasco with the shoes because they run uber big and so I had to hunt down a smaller size (36.5), of which there was only one pair left.
In all of Australia!
I bagged the pair (phew!) and they were posted my way.




ignore the odd face, I had to try them on asap and had just got home

Seriously, these shoes are pure sex (thank you, my gorgeous Stuart :)

What else? Got the BEST phonecall on Friday from the owner of a designer op-shop....I'd put my name down for a Chanel 2.55.
Yep. I am the proud owner of one.

Happy doesn't cover it.
I'm positively giddy, just watching my new friend on the bed. Good times.

outfit: grey tee, sportsgirl. skirt, cotton on. shrug, kookai.


miky said...


A.n.E said...

killer shoes! 2.55!!!OMG that is like once in an odd about contacts.

Can't wait to see it.

This must be your weekend!!!

Stompface said...

Purple suade shoes = amazing.
I wish my boyfriend would buy me shoes!!

The black cape thingy you are wearing is rad.

Can't believe you scored a 2.55. Jealousy jealousy!!!

We went to see The Silents at amps, it was pretty fun times.

Oh I bought those sportsgirl motor cycle boots, on wednesday.. I haven't taken them off since, even in bed. haha no not really, but they are pretty amazing.


Alice said...

Congrats to the lovely shoes!!
Also thanks for the comment, well please grab the needles and star designing, would love to put some fun pic up when the knit frenzy is over..he he

alice fashion news & fashion blog

Lot's of Love and always welcome back! Alice from Hot Cake Fashion

stilettostetico said...

OOoooooh YES it really sounds as a Delightful "Fetish Vertigo", especially with such KILLER legs !!! I am frankly always astonished by such expressions of "Giddy/Sexy Arrogance", full of a bewitching power of evocation . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

brooke said...

ah excited to find another australian blogger! there arent many of you in Perth, haha!

the shoes are amazing... im so into purple at the moment...

Brooke xx

brooke said...

AND A 2.55. my goodness, i idolise you. pictures soon please!


The Seeker said...

OMG, dear I just LOVE those shoes!!!!!!!!
How great they are!!!!!
I want to go trough internet and steal them from your closet.....
Be awear.... LOL ;)

Thanks for your kind comments


She's Dressing Up said...

Wow the shoes are absolutely amazing!

The Seeker said...

Oh I've linked you, hope you don't mind.


Anika said...

A.n.E, it was indeed a great weekend :)
(the shoes were part of my anniversary gift)

Stompface, the cape thingy was on sale at Kookai...helps to work in the city, I tell ya. Saw it, loved it, bought it!

And I want the moto boots now....oooooh :D

Anika said...

Brooke, thank you and welcome, glad to see more Aussie bloggers out there :)

Passion4Fashion said...

Those shoes are HOT!!!!!!

Marcella said...

Oooh those shoes are to die for!

But that is nothing compared to the Chanel news!! Omg you lucky thing. can't wait to see it in a post =)

withasianstereotypes said...

The SHOES! that... I want to say capish thingy haha. I love it all this post is full of win babygirl.

KISS, China L.

Anika said...

Lol, The Seeker, I know exactly what you mean! If I could, I'd be stealing the Sam Edelman harness booties/Balenciagas and the Emma Cook for Topshop boots. Oooh, and a pair of Doc Marten-esque Chloes too. Yummo!

Anika said...

Thanks China L., love the capish thing too ;)

And The Seeker, that's awesome :D