Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Freaky or Fabulous?

Recently, I read about a more unusual collaboration.
Betwixt Pritzker Prize-winning Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid and Brazilian shoe label Melissa.

The single picture that accompanied the blurb intrigued me...the shoes looked quite cool....
So I dug a little deeper (thank you Google :) to find out more.

The design of the shoes is said to
"engage with the fluid organic contours of the body. The shoes asymmetric quality conveys an inherent sense of move-ment to the design, evoking continuous transformation. The concept addresses the perception of wearing the shoe in motion rather than a static display on a shopping window.

The shoes emerge from the ground and climb up the foot and leg with a soft elegant movement. The plastic organic quality of the choreography adheres to the skin. There is an implicit sense of lightness that blurs the boundary between body and object."

Zaha spent two years to create a shoe that moulds to the lines of the foot. The shoes are made from materials that can be recycled and there are no buckles, closures or seals.




I love this concept. The comfort factor is a huge plus but more importantly the space-age look these give off would elevate mere outfits to stratospheric levels. I would love to know exactly how affordable these shoes are, just so I can go out and buy me a pair.

Further, Zaha Hadid's architectural work speaks for itself.
Her lack of compromise in design and artistic temperament give her work a dramatic, modern take. I also happen to adore the fragmented geometry clearly present in her work.

For examples of her work, see the

Meanwhile, I will be hitting up Melissa's Australian website (come May) to see if I can get my hands on a pair of (in every sense of the word) architectural shoes. As an architectural shoe fiend, how better to satiate my craving than a silver pair? ;)

source: dezeen


Anonymous said...

hmm i dunno its a little too weird for me but respect to any one who does wear them

Dooder City said...

Well written, my dear!
I don't know if I would wear them but I think they are really neat. People would be coming up to you left and right in NYC wondering where you got them!

Twobreadsplease said...

I love them, they look like space pods which is always a winning quality! x

CKUF said...

love the silver one! it's very unique!

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Summer said...

Hi Anika!
I hope you're having a great day.=)
I do like your post,my sister saw your post too and she definitely like those shoes..;D
Looks like comfortable to use specially this summer.;D
I love dropping by to your blog.
Keep on writing friend.
I hope you could put my blog link in your site.I would really appreciate it..;D
Have a nice day.

KATLIN said...

Whoa her shoes really got Zaha's style!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Looks like alien shoe wear hahaha! I like the colors but would never wear/buy them.... ???

Thanks, Anika !!! =]


Fashionology said...

Pieces of art! just wonderful!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I love these, very unique and different, I would be tempted to get them! thanks for stopping by!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi again-I love the dresses you wore for your sisters birthday, very stunning indeed!

Couture Carrie said...



Francheska said...

omg this is seriously strange but super interesting!!!!
I love this post!!

Danz said...

freaky and fabulous! practical or not, I always applaud cool, innovative ideas.

kaitlyn said...

i love the concept and the styling. i've always HATED crocs. these are a chic alternative.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

hm...they do look comfy, tho. but i'm gonna need a bit more heel. haha

Anika said...

First of all....Nina, hell yes, I hear you :)

If they had a chunky heel on them the post title would be 'eff off, these are mine!' ;)

Anika said...

Twobreadsplease, I'm glad to find a fellow soul. Space pods = winner!

I reckon the pictures don't do them justice either...I think they may look even cooler on :)

Anika said...

Sharon Rose, thank you :)

Lady Lala said...

just love them... i prefer in pink.

Anika said...

Lol, Lady Lala!