Friday, March 27, 2009

Drape Away

Love this drapey, asymmetrical, rough cut cape. From Flower, of all places.

Still, who am I to discriminate when they were have a closing down sale at my local shopping centre.

I walked in, I saw, I bought.



"The smirk"

As you can tell, I'm attempting layer-overkill here.
(I still think I could have worked a black cropped shrug over the outfit. Oh well, next time)

black cape thing, flower. tank, supre. drop crotch pants, target. shoes, rubi. scarf, random shop. leather gauntlet, goth store. sunglasses, random cheapo store. ring, sportsgirl.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Those heels remind me of mine. Love the pants and scarf. I'm dying over your sunnies, lady! :]


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-the whole outfit is fabulous and I really love how you rock those harem pants, gorgeous my dear! have a great weekend!

DaisyChain said...

This is a really, really amazing outfit.

Yuka said...

wow! i love everything about this outfit!

Twobreadsplease said...

I looove your vest cape thing, super cool. xx

Anika said...

Awww shucks, thanks folks!

Sharon Rose, thanks. I always feel uber cool in DCPs...but feel the photos look daggy lol.

twobreadsplease, I swear you could achieve the same thing if you cut up a piece of fabric yourself ;)

Stacy said...

Cute shoes.

Bella said...

Babe, this is ridculously cool... no seriously, I'm coing over and stealing all of it!


Bella said...

Oops, sorry... obviously can't type today!