Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stolen Girlfriends Club

In the latest Shop Till You Drop, one of the mini-features was some Rodarte-esque tights....almost identical to the real deal, and $Aud126.50 from Stolen Girlfriends Club.

So of course it was off to google 'Stolen Girlfriends Club' to see if I could drool more over the du jour tights....mmmm.

Unfortunately, Stolen Girlfriends Club don't have an online store and the few online retailers who do stock the brand haven't got the latest I'll just have to drool over the tights in the magazine for now :)

But while I was browsing the Stolen Girlfriends Club site, I went through the Winter 09 collection "PRETTY VACANT".

I adored the entire look; the raw grunge element (not the make-believe dressed up version I've seen so often before), the 'street' factor, and mostly the 'don't give a fuck, I'm gonna spend the rent money on this instead' attitude.

This New Zealand label is doing everything right....







Dooder City said...

These looks are great!

BlueKlein said...

I'm so so so in love with those circle ripped tights!!!

phamzy said...

thank you so much for the sweet comment! i just picked up everything by random and put it on. i guess i look better that way. yes, the lipstick is a real diva. i love mt flintstones bow big time.

Trish said...

OMG! This is hot!! Love it! Thanks for sharing! :)

xs said...

i really like the last look. it's cool to be introduced to different designers. thanks for sharing!

Stompface said...

Yes yes I so agree.
I am loving their jewelry as well!


KATLIN said...

Oooh I really dig the ones with fringey bits!

Anika said...

BlueKlein, tell me about wait, I'm in love with all their tights...I seriously would buy em all!

Anika said...

Thanks, Trish and XS :)

(I like featuring them too :)

Anika said...

Stompface, tell me about it....those Rodarte-esque tighs by the way! Whoa!