Monday, March 23, 2009

Vampire Queen

I really do feel like a Queen of the Underworld wearing this gorgeous sheer, stiff gauzy cape from Kookai. Bought on sale a while back and my current favourite accessory.

I paired it with black items for a structured, monochrome outfit that had texture variation to make it pop.



I wore this to the new jazz club that opened up a few weeks ago. There was a fabulous jazz band playing and a good time was had. It was your classic 50's jazz club set-up, so twas certainly an experience. We'll be sure to go back...they feature some fantastic jazz acts.

The necklace started off as a piece from Diva. I bought some more chain, roped them to the existing chain and voila = chunky new hardware.
(I left off the long gold multi-strand chain necklace and short gold cross beaded necklace as I didn't want to be jingling at the jazz club, but am looking forward to wearing the "necklace" in its entirety. Simple things make me happy :)

post edit: I am uber lazy, but will take a photo of the DIY'ed shorts in the next couple of days.

pocket tank, witchery. jeans, lee supa tube. shoes, la fenice (venezia). cape, kookai. chains, DIY diva.


Couture Carrie said...

Love this look, Anika, especially the dramatic shoulders - reminds me of Balmain!


Passion4Fashion said...

Hey... thanks for the comment on my blog. Just an FYI, I have NEVER ironed that white shirt. Or the black one! I have owned them both for two years and wear them several times a month.

Dooder City said...

I love that look. The shoes look really cool. I love jazz clubs. My boyfriend plays jazz and I just love hanging out and having a glass of wine and listening to the music.

Sam said...

such a beautiful cape!

Call Me Cat said...

I'm jealous of your necklaces very GIVENCHY x

Twobreadsplease said...

Love the necklace and jazz clubs are so much fun! xx

♥ fashion chalet said...

I'd freaking kill for hardware like that!! heheee, that necklace is TDF! :]

Yippe I love packages in the mail, exciting stuff, thank you, dear!! ♥

Should cheer me right up outta this cold, too! ;]


Nina (femme rationale) said...

oooh, you look fab in black! love the tunic...and i do love a good jazz club!

Stompface said...

Oh yes, it is the lovely cape, I do love it indeed I do.

Wow, on the chains, that was so wise of you to do some kind of wild rope diy. I want it.


caitlin said...

ohh you look awesome.. that cape/bolero totally makes the outfit! hail the queen of the underworld?

DaisyChain said...

AMAZING necklace

Maverick said...

Love this look. Those jeans look so great on you!

xx. mavi

phamzy said...

your necklaces are great! pass it on. lol.

Marcella said...

I love Kookai sales - when things are actually priced as they should be and not the insane ripoff amounts for something made in Fiji! lol

That cape is a great find tho!

Anika said...

Thanks CC...I'm a little obsessed about the cape at the mo :/

Passion4Fashion...nice to hear :)
I was shocked to see a shirt like that (assuming the ironing hours required ;)

Deana, I LOVE jazz clubs. You're lucky that you get to hang out there....

Anika said...

thanks for the comments, guys :)

and Phamzy, you share some of your phenomenal outfits and I'll share the necklaces.

Marcella, tell me about it. I steer clear normally (except for hosiery/jewellery).