Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Fun Recommendation

Gotta love the way some brains work...

You'll love the randomness and utter genius of this one:

It chronicles Mr Bird's adventures, and features random adventures or's wonderfully tongue-in-cheek. Witty. I like.

So go check it out. It's by the wonderful Stompface (a fellow Perthian; yeah, yeah, I'm proud of that :P)

source: Stompface


Nina (femme rationale) said...

that is such a cute site...i love mr. bird! thx for sharing!

Stacy said...

I love mr.bird.The site is adorable.

Summer said...

The site is so amazing..;D
Lovely mr.bird.;D
Have a great day,i hope i could see you on my blog too.

The Seeker said...

What a cute mr. bird :oD

Must check Stompface's blog, there's sometime I don't visit her.

Thank you so much for your comment

Keep in touch if you want


stilettostetico said...

I like the uncluttered style of drawing, simply conceptual, AND the immutable choice of a short sentence to comment it, very "universal fable" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Stompface said...

ohhh I only just noticed this. I hadn't even realised you had updated lately. I feel very honoured and strangely excited, and by me, I mean Mr Bird does. He is a wild wild man that bird features.
thank you dear!

Oh and I saw those shoes, the leafy type ones at Emporio today, and they were a $190!! So good bargain if you got them for 60 at whitfords.


Anika said...

Haha, Stompface, I featured him cos really I fancy the pants off of him ;)

And those shoes are still on sale at Whitfords by the way :)