Friday, March 27, 2009

Xavier Rudd

I finally found my birthday voucher for JB HiFi (music, dvd, electronic kinda store here in Australia) and bought myself The Phantom of the Opera (original cast recording), Solace by Xavier Rudd and So Real - Songs from Jeff Buckley.

All pure bliss.

If you haven't already heard of him, Xavier Rudd is a legendary Australian singer. No wait, he's more than that. He sings, he writes songs, he's a multi-instrumentalist (one of which is the didgeridoo!). And most importantly, he's an activist, an environmentalist.

If you can get your hand on tickets to one of his live shows, it will be worth every penny. He is an incredible live artist. What's even more endearing about him is how his songs incorporate his environmental consciousness, his sense of social justice and his general awarenes. There is nothing more satisfying than watching him perform a song about the rights of the Aboriginal peoples whilst everyone at the venue (regardless of skin colour, race, age or creed) dances away in a blissful harmony. It helps too, that his songs are so fantastic. And that his voice is a husky, harmonious instrument.

The most effective way to unite a diverse crowd; diversity in social, economic, environmental views. All united in the name of beautiful, soul wrenching music.

Watch this live video from one of his concerts and see what I mean. I love how captivating, all-encompassing, and surreal the experience is. And it is an experience. I will never forget my first Xavier Rudd concert. Bless.

It's pure love in the crowd, a collective sing-along, with everyone jumping up and down. Viewed and participated in, first hand.

Also, Didgeridoo Jamming by Xavier at Highland Ballroom (saw the same at a Southbound

Bear in mind that the didgeridoo is probably one of the hardest instruments to play, in the world....

Ahh, I really want to go to a concert/show, but for now Solace will have to suffice.
(I picked Solace (2004) as it is one of my favourite albums from Xavier Rudd.
Check for more from Xavier)


Dooder City said...

such a hard instrument. i have tried a couple of times and it is all about the flow of breath! i need to check out more xavier so many of my friends adore him:)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Twitter can be kind of .. whatever .. lol but after a while you're thinking of things to post on it, sorta like an extension of Facebook and your "updates" thoughts.. :]


Wanderlusting said...

YES! I remember him from my days in Aussie. Love it when people skillfully incorporate the do!

Anonymous said...

eeek i saw him live like two and a half years ago, opening for State Radio. so good!


Sam said...

I've been to the musical of The Phantom of the Opera. It was amazing! One of the best musicals I've ever seen and that are a lot

Maverick said...

I really like that first one better! Thanks for sharing :) hope your birthday was good- I bought The Phantom of The Opera soundtrack of the movie and I love it. I've memorized it beginning to end, haha, It's a great soundtrack.

xx. mavi

Anika said...

Wanderlusting, its pretty impressive isn't it!

D, completely agree...soooo good.

Sam, yep, saw the Aussie production a few weeks ago and was blown away. Whoa!

Maverick, me too, me too. Love it to bits!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

they are so fun live! hope you are able to check'em out!!

jess S//hippiefroufrou