Sunday, March 8, 2009

Russian Mail-order Bride, anyone?

I was invited to a house warming party last weekend and only realised it was dress-up the day of, when I double checked the address on facebook :/
Don't you just hate that? (the last minute part, not the facebook part ;)

The theme was "disappoint the parents", which leaves alot to interpretation.

So Stuart went as a rockstar and I as a Russian mail-order bride.

Something you didn't know about me (but might have suspected anyway ;)?

I ADORE dress-up.
I will do it given half the chance.
And not go the skanky/sexy or easy option either.
So this time around I was hesitant about the Russian mail-order bride option (moderate skank factor) but didn't want to go the easy rockstar/punk/pregnant bride option either (no offense, Stu ;)

Given the timeframe of awareness and limited oddball paraphernalia at home, this was the best I could come up with. Tsk Tsk.
(And yes, there were a few pregnant bride/schoolgirl types)


Stu, doing the 'gay punk' pose ;)




Some other outfits at the party:



Gotta snuggle up to Osama, right? Right.

  • Just watched The Phantom of the Opera, in which The Phantom blew EVERYONE away! The show was an extravangance in every sense; set design, costume, performance (Ridiculously brilliant). I adore the Phantom of the Opera and feel inredibly desolate on behalf of the Phantom at the end.
  • Thanks for the comments, I promise to link those who requested :)
  • HOW incredible was the Lanvin show (it may have something to do with the fact that I adore Lanvin, huh?)!!!!
  • I'm so looking forward to going trampolining tomorrow (I should say today actually), I'm a big kid at heart!

  • Sorry for the extra long post. The next blog post will be succinct and feature what I'm looking forward to for winter. Hint: ALOT.

    Anika: fur hat & boots, vintage. dress, supre. lipstick, l'oreal color riche 'garnet creme' (460).
    Stuart: tee, gift. jeans, jeans west. shoes, customised dunlops. leather vest, vintage. cuff, Anika's. sunglasses, Egyptian shop


    BlueKlein said...

    looks like you had fun!


    Danz said...

    Haha looks like a fun party! Great costumes too - I love yours and the pregnant schoolgirl!

    Delmy said...

    your hat is too cute!

    Petra said...

    Aha, what a hilarious theme! You chose such a brilliant outfit, it looks so elegant as well! Beautiful shade of red lipstick.


    CKUF said...

    that's a cool theme party! i bet you had so much fun!

    Krystal said...

    i love you guys! this is so much fun! xx

    I Like Stuff said...

    I too, am a huge fan of theme/costume parties. I think the best one I ever went to was a Zoolander party where you had to dress up like a character from Zoolander. My BF and I went as Derelicte models, and my other friend went as (david duchovny's character) the hand model. Good times were had by all.

    And a little skank factor never hurt anyone, as long as it's still creative. I think Mail Order Bride falls under the creative, but just-skanky-enough category!

    yiqin; said...

    I want your fur cap!

    Sharon Rose said...

    Hi there-fabulous outfits, looks like you had a great time!!

    $ouLphate said...

    ahaha the party looks fun! i love theme parties!

    stilettostetico said...

    Oooooh AND I am frankly sure that your mail box is going to be saturated with such a charming "cyber Russian Bride" like You !!!!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

    ♥ fashion chalet said...

    hahaha this made me laugh "mail order Bride!!" love your hattt and Stu's "pose" LMAO! ...


    Dooder City said...

    This is so hysterical. I love your outfit. What a great idea for a party.

    Anika said...

    I Like Stuff, what a great theme....for my birthday a few years ago I had an A/C themed party (my initials) and was an Androgynous Crooner (aka Marilyn Manson).

    I should find the photos and post one or two :)

    Anika said...

    Lol, Erika, isn't that pose just the best?!!??!

    I keep giving him crap about it :)

    Anika said...

    Thanks for the comments everyone :)

    Nina (femme rationale) said...

    what a cool, fun party!