Monday, March 9, 2009

Looking Forward to in Winter....

I feel somewhat crazy talking about what I'm looking forward to in winter, when Perth has been hit with a warm front and we're experiencing 35 degree celcius plus days. Ahh well, I can still dream about winter outfits can't I.

  • Firstly, I'm very much looking forward to pairing my skinny leather pants (complete with asymmetrical side zippers a la Kate Moss' pair) with all manner of loose fit/slouchy pocket tanks and tees/oversize sweaters, and vertiguous heels. The pants were one of my favourite op-shop finds ever, costing only $20 (plus $25 for 'skinny-fying' the straight legs)
  • my DIY attempt at the Alexander Wang holey sweater. I found a white-ish oversize sweater at an op-shop a few weeks ago, and took to it straight away, cutting out irregular patches and replacing said patches with something akin to mosquito netting! I adore this and cannot wait to wear it...amusingly, Stuart is enamoured by the DIY effort.
  • Inspired by Rumi of fashiontoast when she pulled off this incredible black Topshop sweater with chunky holes and uneven rows, I was more than stoked to see that MinkPink are currently selling the exact replica. all that's left is to find the perfect sheer/mesh tank to wear underneath.
  • I gave in on the whole 'shoe ban' thing this weekend, when I stumbled across these babies for more than 50% off. From Siren ofcourse. I'm generally not a peep-toe kinda gal, but these shoes look so incredible on it's a moot point.
  • Leggings from Sportsgirl, including a space odyssey homage silver pair and the infamous sequin leggings (which there was apparently a waiting list for (??!!!?) and which I was pleased to see are incredibly well made). The sequin leggings were a gift that I shall covet for a long time. I'm meanwhile eyeing the sequin bomber jacket and the military-inspired leather jacket and convincing myself I really need one or the other, or both, but that's beside the point ;)
  • My long tuxedo style blazer jacket with cuffed sleeves from Valleygirl. Made of cotton, the skinny fit is perfection and will work over bodycon dresses/tees/fitted tanks/anything just wonderfully. Mmmm.

  • What are you looking forward to, for the next season?

    I'll leave you with these snaps from my birthday party a few years ago (and continuing with the "dress up" theme). The theme was A/C, my initials, so I was an Androgynous Crooner (Marilyn Manson) and Stuart was Captain Anonymous. I loved the effort everyone put in :)

    The construction worker wrecking all the pictures with his flouro vest ;)


    Stuart aka Capt Anonymous...hahaha

    Commando, Androgynous Crooner, Christmas Tree and Cleopatra


    Stacy said...

    I cannot wait for summer. Ha.

    Anonymous said...







    Sharon Rose said...

    Hi there-your picks for Winter sound gorgeous, I'm pleased to be looking forward to summer now!

    Victoria-Olivia said...

    Beyond weird, I actually wore the dress on saturday night with brogues and knee high socks, thats really freaky you said that!
    Those boots you got are insane!!! And you really do work the russian mail order bride look in the post before!!!

    Couture Carrie said...

    So fun! Love your blazer, darling! And those booties are divine... I think dressing in winter is so much more enjoyable than dressing in summer!


    P.S. Glad you liked my feature on Danz's blog!

    Fashionology said...

    The jacket and the heels are gorgeous!!! <3

    ♥ fashion chalet said...

    Summer is round the corner for us, I'm so jealous of youuuu! LOL. I hope the package arrive soooon I want to hear what you think.. Oh and I totally dig those Morant boots, wishing for a DIY idea, as well! =]


    Madeline said...

    from the northern hemisphere where we're starting to get to spring, I absolutely cannot relate to the wanting winter. Im so jealous of those temperatures!!

    I Like Stuff said...

    Wow, that might just be one of the bitchin-est costume party ideas ever. And I love all of your winter pics! Here in the states, I can't wait for spring/summer though so my pasty-ass legs can finally see the light of day!

    Twobreadsplease said...

    The shoes are incredible. x

    Summer said...

    Glamorous shoes,love the blazer.;D
    Have a nice day.

    pangea said...

    u kno haw to party

    pangea said...


    Stompface said...

    ohhh well I can't wait for winter either! But I bet you aren't surprised by that.
    I keep buying all these beautiful winter things and can't wear any of them.

    I want those boots! hot hot hot.